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Purchasing or selling your home is often the largest financial transaction most families become involved with.  It makes sense to have an experienced Real Estate Lawyer representing you through the process!  We have a team of dedicated professionals ready to help you close the deal!  We believe that good representation can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that can happen before and after a major home purchase or sale.  The dream of home ownership can become a nightmare if you’re not careful.  “Put your Trust in Us” and let us help you by making sure your contract is sound, title issues are identified and resolved, and the finances make sense.

Ganguly Brothers, PLLC has worked with many Realtors and agents, title companies, surveyors, inspectors and mortgage lenders to help close hundreds of residential real estate transactions.  Simply tell your agent that you want Ganguly Brothers, PLLC listed as your attorney on the contract, and the process of getting you to closing will begin!


The attorneys at Ganguly Brothers, PLLC can help you close on your commercial real estate deal!  We have represented businesses, churches, not-for-profits and individuals in their commercial real estate closings.  Many people have purchased homes, but fewer people have purchased or sold commercial real estate.  There are a unique set of challenges and considerations when buying or selling commercial real estate.  You can “Put your Trust in Us” to help guide you through the process to get the deal closed!  Contact us today to learn how easy it is to work with Ganguly Brothers, PLLC on your commercial real estate purchase or sale.