The DWI Attorneys Rochester NY Trusts

If you’ve been charged with a DWI you may have a lot of questions.

What happens to my license? Can I lose my job? Is it a crime? What are the penalties? Do I need a lawyer?

Overwhelmed with what to do next?

One of the most common misconceptions, when faced with a DWI charge, is there’s NO way to win.

The FACT is that’s NOT TRUE.

You CAN fight your case with an appropriate strategic defense and experienced legal counsel.

What Should You Do To Help Protect Yourself & Your Reputation?
  1. Schedule A Chemical Dependency Evaluation (OASAS Approved Facility) Be proactive in verifying there isn’t a chemical abuse issue. After hiring a lawyer, contact an OASAS approved evaluator for an evaluation. This can help in negotiating the case and resolve license issues.
  2. Request A Hardship License or DMV Hearing. At the arraignment, your license may be suspended. You need to arrive prepared, under some circumstances you may be eligible for a “hardship license”. If you refused a chemical test, you will need to get a DMV refusal hearing scheduled.
  3. Get Prepared For Arraignment. Have arrest details and police reports so any legal technicalities can be identified.

No case is impossible if you have the right representation.

The most important thing you can do for your case is to find the right lawyer. No lawyer can promise you an outcome, but finding the right lawyer puts you in the best position for success!

How Ganguly Law Helps You Win Your DWI Case

There are many ways to build a highly effective case against DWI charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney knows precisely what the prosecution needs to prove, and how to make them work for it.

Some of the issues that can help build a winning DWI defense include the following important considerations.

  • Did the police officer have probable cause to stop you?
  • Was the police officer properly trained in administering roadside sobriety tests?
  • Was the breathalyzer unit properly and recently calibrated?
  • Was the police officer properly trained in using a breathalyzer?

With our vast experience defending Rochester NY DWI cases, Ganguly Brothers examine all of the facts of your case to identify the issues that will help us build the strongest defense for YOU.

Client Testimonials

“Avik was excellent right from the beginning. He thoroughly went over how everything in the proceedings could/would go, kept me informed as to when I needed to appear in court, and most importantly, was highly encouraging in keeping my spirits up……If you want peace of mind during a troubling time in your life, look no further than Avik for your legal representation.” ~ Tom, Rochester, NY

“I would recommend the Ganguly firm to anybody that needs legal representation having Avec and his brothers represent you at court knowing that having your best interest is the best feeling anybody could have walking in or out of her courtroom I suggest and highly recommend the Ganguly Brothers for all your legal needs.” ~ Andrew, Irondequoit, NY

Effective DWI Defense From Former Prosecutors

At Ganguly Brothers, PLLC, our firm understands how unsettling DWI charges can be for most people. Consequences such as jail, fines, and a revoked driver’s license can all have major impacts on your life. We are committed to providing our clients with the highly effective criminal defense they deserve. Attorneys Avik Ganguly and Roman Misula bring experience as a former Assistant District Attorneys in Monroe County. As former prosecutors, they understand how the other side of the courtroom is likely to approach your case. This keen insight allows us to build a defense that anticipates and is prepared for the prosecution. As criminal defense attorneys, Avik and Roman have defended numerous clients charged with DWI and DWAI Drug-related crimes. Ganguly Brothers Law has significant experience handling serious DWI charges such as Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Homicide.

Make the choice to fight your DWI charges with representation who knows how to win. We offer FREE initial consultations at our Rochester DWI law offices and invite you to learn more about how we can help by calling 585-232-7747 or writing to us through our secure contact page.