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Civil Litigation

Rochester NY Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil litigation covers a wide spectrum of legal ground, and can involve everything from simple business disputes and breach of contract, to divorce, real estate law and a comprehensive array of fraud cases.  At Ganguly Law in Rochester, we have represented clients on cases ranging from simple and easily-resolvable, to those requiring more in-depth research and litigation.  Our Rochester NY civil litigation services include but are not limited to:

  • Contract Breach
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business Lawsuits
  • Fraud Cases
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Tort Claims
  • Tenant & Landlord Cases
  • Equitable Claims

Experienced Civil Lawsuit Representation in Rochester NY

Considering the vast scope of today’s civil cases, it’s important to retain an attorney who has litigated and successfully won cases not limited to a single area of practice.  At Ganguly Law, we impart our many years of experience and legal expertise throughout all phases of your civil case.  And since no two disputes are ever genuinely identical, we closely examine the unique details of your situation for a streamlined resolve that puts your best interests as our top priority.

If you believe that you’ve been unlawfully treated, wronged or taken advantage of professionally, we strongly advise contacting our Rochester NY law offices for free initial consultation.  We’ll review your case, examine the best course of action, and let you know what motions can be taken from there. You can reach us at 585-232-7747 directly, or by writing to us through our secured and confidential contact page.