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How the Pandemic Is Impacting Divorce Rates in Rochester?

Every aspect of life in Rochester has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Relationships, in particular, are difficult, with everything from illness to financial concerns and even remote work causing strife. For many, COVID has revealed or even accelerated problems that already plagued their marriages. Keep reading to learn more about the implications for the divorce rate in Rochester:

Interest in Divorce Is on the Rise

All around the world, people are thinking of ending their relationships or marriages. This is reflected in search engine stats, with inquiries about divorce skyrocketing in the early months of the pandemic as compared to the same period in 2019. While newlyweds seem to be vulnerable, the desire to start fresh exists among many types of couples.

Surprising Decreases in Divorces

Despite an increased interest in divorce, most couples have yet to take action. Data from the few states that report in real time suggests that, as in previous years, the divorce rate continues to decline. While there is no easy explanation for this trend, some experts believe that the adversity of the pandemic has actually drawn some couples closer together.

The divorce rate could shift as we emerge from the pandemic and couples grow less worried about COVID exposure or financial uncertainty. For now, it’s still possible to pursue a low-stress divorce.

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