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Child Custody And Visitation Disputes Over COVID Safety

Rochester child custody and visitation disputes were complicated long before COVID took over, but now, parents are forced to navigate a whole new set of concerns.

One of today’s most hot-button, COVID-related custody issues: how children and other family members can be kept safe without compromising their wellbeing. To that end, parents may voice disagreements over everything from daycare to school or even visiting grandparents.

A strategic approach is essential, as this could hold huge implications for your entire family’s safety, as well as your children’s academic and emotional future. Keep the following in mind as you proceed:

What Is In the Child’s Best Interest?

If anything remains the same with custody during COVID, it’s the importance of making decisions according to the child’s best interests. Parents may disagree, however, as to what, exactly, this means.

Definitions of “best interests” may be up for courtroom interpretation, but safety remains critical. Parents who engage in behaviors believed to increase the potential for transmission may see new struggles with obtaining custody or visitation time.

Creative Compromise

Parents may need to arrive at creative compromises to help their children thrive in spite of current limitations. For example, they may agree not to place children in daycare for the time being, but instead, form a quarantine pod with family members who can provide care. Modifications may be required in light of remote work requirements — and these are likely to change as the pandemic eases and daily life shifts once again.

As you handle the complications of Rochester visitation and custody law in a COVID world, look to Ganguly Brothers PLLC for legal protection. Contact us today to get started.

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