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At Ganguly Brothers, PLLC, Avik and Anjan Ganguly work together to create the resolutions people need. We know the challenges people face when they have been arrested and charged with a crime, when they have been seriously injured in an accident, when their business is engaged in a dispute or when they are dealing with other types of legal matters.

When people are facing such difficult situations they deserve an attorney who has the skills and experience necessary to truly help them. More than that, they deserve an attorney who is committed to their best interests. One who will fight for them when the other side is not being fair in their negotiations. One who understands their goals and who builds an effective legal strategy around those goals.

We are those types of attorneys. Our clients always come first, no matter what type of legal matter they need us to resolve. Over the years, we have developed a practice that entails many practice areas so that we can provide the greatest number of people with the help they need.

Whatever type of legal issue you are facing, we welcome the opportunity to take time to explain how we can help you.

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