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4 Types of Traffic Tickets Rochester Drivers Can Receive

Traffic tickets are a very common occurrence here in Rochester, New York. Most drivers will receive a violation at some point in their lives, usually with fines and other penalties. Here are a few of the most common traffic tickets you can receive in and around Rochester.

  • Speeding tickets. In New York State and the rest of the world, you need to follow the posted speed limit on the road. Going over the speed limit, even by 1 mile, could result in a ticket. For example, driving between 1 to 10 miles per hour over the limit would lead to 3-point penalty on your license, while driving 31 to 40 miles over the limit leads to an 8-point penalty.
  • Following too closely. If you drive too close to another car, the Rochester police can enforce a 4-point penalty on your license and ticket you for tailgating. This action is a safety hazard, which is why it is a traffic violation.
  • Unsafe lane changes. If you change lanes quickly, without checking for oncoming traffic, or an excessive amount of times, you could receive a ticket from Rochester police. This action usually comes with a 3-point penalty.
  • Failure to stop for a school bus. When a school bus is letting children out, all drivers need to stop and wait for the bus to finish its operations. Failure to do so will result in a 5-point penalty and fines. This rule is in place to protect the safety of the children exiting the bus.

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